What I have with you, I don’t want with anyone else.
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I started losing my breath while reading this… It’s too overwhelming.

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How a caterpillar climbs. From the film Microcosmos. 

How do you politely tell someone that you want them naked on top of you

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Front Porch Step // Drown
This song and the lyrics mean so so much to me. 

You always tell me
You won’t stop
Loving me
And that I really
Don’t need you
To tell me
All the time
And I shouldn’t
But sometimes
When I feel so
Unloved and
And I try
On my own
To remember
You love me
But there is always
The whisper

-What if this
Is more rational
Than I want
To believe?-

And I just need
Your voice
To drown out
That whisper.

M.S. (via coffee-crinkled-pages)

An intellectual? Yes. And never deny it. An intellectual is someone whose mind watches itself. I like this, because I am happy to be both halves, the watcher and the watched. Can they be brought together? This is a practical question. We must get down to it. I despise intelligence really means: I cannot bear my doubts.
Albert Camus (via wordsnquotes)

I was so sentimental about you I’d break any one’s heart for you. My, I was a damned fool. I broke my own heart, too. It’s broken and gone. Everything I believe in and everything I cared about I left for you because you were so wonderful and you loved me so much that love was all that mattered. Love was the greatest thing, wasn’t it?
Ernest Hemingway, To Have And Have Not (via wordsnquotes)

The head of a funerary couch in the form of a cheetah with tears falling from his eyes.
Book: Tutankhamen’s Treasures